Day of Race Registration Penalty Waived

Once again there seems to have been some communication problem with relay teams. We want to encourage everyone to take part so there will not be any additional registration fee for those who sign-up after midnight Saturday. So if your relay team or others did not get signed up completely make sure they get there early enough in the morning – or even better sign up from home and just pay when you get there.

However, the 8:30 am cutoff for Registration and Payment is absolutely firm. We are determined to get the race started on time this year.

Updated Race Information

Because of the construction that is ongoing around the pool this year there are a few changes on the the race organization.


In previous years we used room B-3 as our race headquarters and there was some parking directly across the driveway. This parking should not be used this year. Either use the main student parking lot which is on your right after turning right at the school office entrance, or use the parking in front of the Wrestling Gym. If you make your way to Room G-1 which is directly off Ali Avenue you can see where the race organization is set up.

Caution when Running on Ridge Road

The construction on the school exit driveway extends all the way to Ridge Road. The running course follows the sidewalk up Ridge Road which may be blocked at the school exit driveway. Use caution when running around this area. We will have a course marshal in this area.

No Access to Pool Parking Lot or Pool Changing Room

All access to the pool this year is the same as last year. The Gate in the back fence of the pool enclosure will have a marked athlete entrance lane. Spectators should use the other lane at the gate.

Finish of the Running Course

Last year the running course looped around through the pool parking lot to reach the bicycle transition zone. This year the running course comes directly down from Ali Avenue and between two G-wing classrooms to reach the bicycle transition zone.

Bicycle Transition Zone

Unfortunately, this year we have been unable to borrow Bicycle Racks for parking in the transition zone (Nevada City Bike Race!). There will be marked areas to leave your bike but the area will not be as compact as in previous years.

Potter’s Race Registration

There is no on-line registration for Potter’s Race this year. Simply show up and complete your registration and payment by 8:15 am.

2019 Zett’s Tri

The 2019 Zett’s Tri will be held on Sunday June 2 on the Campus of Nevada Union High School. Save the date!

On-line registration will open on Sunday March 24 at midnight. We had hoped to be rolling by March 15 but we are running late. Most details will be the same as previous years with only very minor course changes around the transition zones.

Day of Race Registration Penalty Waived and Other Last Minute Notices

Unfortunately the Zett’s Tri Website had some downtime on Saturday June 2 (courtesy of AT&T!!!).   We have decided that registration fees will remain the same right up to close of registration.

Potter’s Race Registration closes at 8:15 am

Zett’s Tri Registration closes at 8:30 am

Be early and don’t miss out.

Relay Teams should double check their team names during payment/bib pickup.  A number of relay entries misspelled or omitted the team name.

Please read the instructions with your bibs concerning placement of numbers and other rules and advice.

Additional T-Shirts will be available for a donation of $5 – look for the booth.

Free T-Shirt with Registration Offer Extended till Midnight Wed 5/30

Some of our promotional material was sent out a little later than we had planned.  We have therefore extended the deadline for getting a free T-Shirt with you registration till midnight on Wednesday May 30.   After this time T-shirts may be ordered with your registration  for an additional $5-00.   There may be additional T-Shirts available for purchase on race day depending on demand.