Monthly Archives: May 2017

Course Videos Updated

Amy went out yesterday and rode a mountain bike around the running course and then the mountain bike course.  This time with the camera mounted on the handlebars it gives an easier to watch video.  Also they now show both courses completely.

Course Maps Cleaned Up

The Triathlon Bike, Running and Potter’s Race Course Maps are now posted.  In the top left of the map you can select a Satellite View if you are not familiar with the area.   The Satellite view shows a few buildings on the course.  Do not worry, either the buildings have been removed since the satellite went over, or the GPS course we mapped had minor errors.  None of the courses go indoors!

We hope to have a revised Running Video posted by the end of the week.

Revised Registration Deadlines

We have been looking closely at the registration process and have made some more minor revisions.


Originally we needed payments to be completed before the preregistration fee increase deadlines.   We have now extended payment deadlines for all preregistered athletes until 8:15 am for Potter’s Race and 8:45 am for the Sprint Triathlon Sunday June 4.   The Day-of-Race Registration also closes at these times.  These are  the times that our registration data-bases is transferred to the timing system as a Start Lists.

The payment and registration desk will be manned from 7:30 am Sunday June 4 outside Room B-3 at Nevada Union High School.  This is located on the main entrance/exit loop to school and is just down the hill from the parking lots.

Bib Pick-Up

You can pick up your bib on Sunday morning from 7:45 am till Race Start.  Only registrations that are complete (i.e. paid in full) will be able to pick up bibs.   Very late bib pick-ups will need to confirm with the Starter that they are not marked as Did-Not-Start (DNS) in order to appear in the results.

Minor Changes to Registration

The separate Elementary School Category has been eliminated and the Middle School Category now includes anyone who is 8th Grade or younger.

The Day of Race Registration and payment for Potter’s Race will now close at 8:15 am, and the Sprint Triathlon at 8:45 am, rather than the originally announced time of 8:30 am.

Web Site Outage

Sorry about the 8 day outage of the web site.   A utility power failure caused the original problem but unfortunately the automatic recovery had not been fully tested.  Murphy’s Law meant this happened while I was in Iceland and unable to manually intervene!