Running Course Changes for 2018

To simplify the race there are several minor changes to the running course for the 2018 event.   We will update the video and course maps as soon as we have the new data.  Basically, the Start will move to the bottom end of the swimming pool parking lot and will add distance around the lower field and the second lap around the Stadium Track will be dropped.  This leaves the total distance basically unchanged.

Triathlon Running Course

Running Course Video

Below is a new video of the Sprint Triathlon Running Course taken with a camera on the handlebars of a mountain bike. It is much easier to watch than the original shows the last section of the course back to the bike transition zone.

Potter’s Race Running Course

NOTE the Potter’s Race has a much shorter and simpler Running Course than the Sprint Triathlon.  We have not made a video of it.

The Running Course for Potter’s Race starts at the same place as the Sprint Triathlon and then immediately loops back along the edge of the lower field.  It then continues round the perimeter of the lower field, around the tennis courts and on to Ali Avenue.

Bike Course

The transition zone and finish will be detailed in a separate illustration. This map shows only one lap of the mountain bike course, the triathlon course involves doing this lap twice for a total distance of close to 6 miles.

Mountain Bike Course Video

We have updated with a new video of the Sprint Triathlon Mountain Bike Course (again we only show one lap) which is taken with a forward facing camera rather than a rear mounted camera!  It seems to be more watchable!


More Maps and Details to Follow Soon